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The Greenhouse—Part 3, Finishing Up

I hesitate to say it’s finished, but the greenhouse is “mostly” finished, and we’re using it! Couldn’t have done it all without Dad’s help (and his impressive tool collection).

The end walls and screens were really hard to put up. We’ve had wind in the 20-mph range consistently all month, which made it impossible to hang fabric on the frame. Finally we had a calm day, and we were able to attach the fabric to the end wall. The end wall fabric is a single sheet of white 40% shadecloth that we doubled over to make it two layers. My dad helped me build the doors and stretch the screens. The screens on the side walls are a single roll of 84″ wide aluminum screen. The screens and the end wall fabric are fastned to the walls first with staples to hold them in place, and then also with strips of lath to provide extra holding friction.

Putting up the end walls
Putting up the end walls


For washing and packaging fresh produce inside the greenhouse we bought a used stainless steel sink from AAA Food Equipment in Austin. Holy cow, that place has just about everything, in any condition from brand new to completely beat up. This sink will be our washing station for fresh greens. We still need to buy a metal table for packaging, but we’ll pick that up later when it becomes an issue.

Our produce-washing sink.


Here’s a picture of the inside. We also bought those shelves at AAA. They’ll be used for microgreens. We have a wooden worktable, which you can see just to the left. The small house inside is our dry storage. It’s our old plastic mini-greenhouse. The big greenhouse is no shelter from the rain – the shadecloth just lets rain right through! The sides of the mini greenhouse can be zipped up to keep the insides dry when it rains. This is where we’ll store our supplies, seeds, and anything that needs to be kept dry. 

Inside the Greenhouse.
Inside the Greenhouse.


We still have to run water and electricity (for the aquaponics) out there. But it’s serviceable  and we started our first batch of microgreens yesterday!

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