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The Greenhouse—Part 2, the Shade Covering

The greenhouse shade covering is on! Special thanks to our new neighbors Devin & Katie Rose and our new friend and fellow farmer Kate from Tiger Creek Farm here in Elgin.

Hoophouse  Covering - 05

For our covering material we chose 60% black shade cloth, which we ordered from Greenhouse Megastore. To get it over we simply tied a rope to two ends of the fabric, tossed the rope over, and pulled. It was a lot easier than everyone thought it would be!

We used tube lock base and clip around the base to secure the cloth to the sides. We secured the ends to the end walls using spring lock base and springs. If we do it again I’ll use the spring lock everywhere because it’s more economical and much easier to work with.

Hoophouse  Covering - 09

Hoophouse  Covering - 13

Hoophouse  Covering - 10

Hoophouse  Covering - 12

Beautiful, eh?

Still to do: we still need to mount the screen on the side walls, and add the fabric and plastic on the end walls. But we’ll leave that for another day.

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