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What’s growing this week – June 3

What a beautiful harvest this morning.


Sometimes it seems like the bugs and the weeds are taking over, and the garden is just discouraging and not so lovely. But, I just remind myself that it’s only the beginning of our journey to get our land fertile and productive. Also, bugs and weeds are there because pesticides and weed killers are not. 🙂

Spending the whole morning picking and washing veggies makes it all worth it. We have been making deliveries to several businesses around Elgin as well as selling to family and friends. Sign up on our email list if you are interested!

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What’s growing this week: May 5-11

The gardens at Ragtime Ranch Family Farm are looking good – flowers are blooming and promising a variety of goodies to come. We are munching on the first sugar peas and baby tomatoes right out of the garden.
We continue to have great amounts of baby kale, mustard greens, and sunflower micro greens. Give us a call if you would like to come out for a little farm tour and a chance to pick your own salad greens to bring home. We also have limited supplies of carrots, sugar peas, and eggs available.


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What’s growing this week: April 28-May 4

Ragtime Ranch Family Farm is almost open for business! We are busy growing more and more veggies every week, and we are sharing them with family and friends while we gear up for selling at the local Farmers Market.

This week, we are harvesting sunflower micro greens (so tasty in salads and sandwiches), baby kale, baby mustard greens, and colorful lettuce mixes. We also have a limited supply of eggs.

Coming soon – snap peas and our first blackberries!