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Reviving the Continuum

A Summer Landscape with Harvesters Joos de Momper the Younger

One of the greatest challenges that we face as young farmers is that the threads of knowledge that once connected us to the past have been broken. Much that once was known by our parents and our parents parents has been lost. We have to re-learn almost everything that was once known about agriculture. In some ways I feel a great sense of loss; I wish that we knew how to till and care for our land the way our ancestors did. I wish I could ask them questions, and draw on their wisdom. In other ways this is a great strength, because we are able to look at the world around us without “this is the way it’s done” blinders.

I feel an intense desire for connection—with the land, with our food, with nature, with our neighbors and friends, with our children and their children, with our ancestors. In doing things that don’t scale we are ensuring that we build and maintain those connections.

Wheat Harvest by Mr. History, on Flickr
Wheat Harvest by Mr. History, on Flickr